What is The WooCrew?

The WooCrew, presented by Shaw’s Supermarket, is the official Kids Club of the Worcester Red Sox. WooCrew members who participate in the program are rewarded with access to exclusive prizes and benefits. There are two different tiers for the WooCrew: a rookie (free) and MVP (paid) membership. Each member offers different benefits, such as prizes, autographed items, merchandise, discounts, and more!

What is the difference between the 'Rookie' and 'MVP' WooCrew memberships?

The Rookie membership is free, whereas the MVP membership has a fee of $50. Included in the MVP membership that is not included in the Rookie are the following items: a baseball cap, t-shirt, and clear bag, as well as access to an ice cream social with WooSox mascot, Smiley Ball, and access to take batting practice at Polar Park during a mutually agreed upon game date. Both memberships receive a member card and lanyard, and have access to a members-only portal to redeem for prizes and experiences; however, MVP members have access to better prizes and opportunities.

How do I earn points? What can I use them for?

Points can be earned in several ways: - Watching and listening to games on the radio and TV - Attending/participating in events held by our partners and affiliates, as well as participating in online games and activities - Attending games at Polar Park - Attending virtual events - Logging into your member portal daily - Submitting a game-day selfie via the mobile app - Downloading the WooCrew mobile app - Reading books And more! You can use your points to redeem for prizes and experiences in the "Store" tab.

Can I upgrade a free Rookie membership to the paid MVP membership during the season?

Yes! Members can upgrade to the MVP tier to unlock all benefits and features of our premium membership by logging into their WooCrew portal and selecting the "Manage Accounts" tab at the top of the portal. All points earned prior to upgrading will be carried over so you can immediately start where you left off.

Is there an age limit to who can sign up for the WooCrew?

Children 14 and under are eligible to participate in the WooCrew program. Once you sign up for the WooCrew program, you are in the system until you are 15, so you do not need to sign-up every year. The MVP package is only valid for one season, but after the season has ended, your membership will automatically revert to a Rookie membership.

How long will it take for my MVP or Rookie membership to arrive?

If you selected to have your Rookie or MVP items shipped to you, it will take approximately 4-6 weeks to arrive at your listed address. Please send any inquiries regarding the shipment of a package to woocrew@woosox.com.

I received an item that is damaged. Can this be exchanged for a new one?

Please contact the WooCrew team at woocrew@woosox.com for inquiries in exchanges.

I recently changed my address. How can I update my mailing information?

You can change your address in your WooCrew member portal by selecting the 3 dashed lines on the left-hand side of your member portal next to your avatar.

Do my points rollover from year to year?

2021 Inaugural Season points will roll over through the 2022 season. Points thereafter will not roll over.